EMA6445 - Electroceramics

  • Course Description: The basic crystallographic, physical, chemical and mathematical principles of ceramic conductors, dielectrics and ferroelectrics and their applications are discussed. Emphasis is placed on structure-processing-microstructure property relationships. (3 Credit Hours).
  • Course Objectives: At the end of the course the students should be familiar with the important fundamental material science and engineering concepts in electroceramics and will be able to apply these concepts when addressing and analyzing general and critical problems in materials science and engineering. Ultimately, based on the analysis of their own experimental data (from the student’s current research project), the student should be able to postulate structure-property relationships and utilize them as the basis for tailoring and improving the performance of electroceramic materials. In addition, and consequently, the key outcome of the course will a document written in Dissertation Chapter-style with sections applying these concepts to their material of interest. This document is intended to serve as a model or component to enhance and strengthen their Ph.D. dissertations.