NRG Presents at Posters on the Hill 2022

Parker Kotlarz and Marion Hagstrom, NRG members, presented “Early Diagnosis of Alzheimer’s Disease Using Artificial Intelligence” at this year’s Posters on the Hill (POH). They met virtually on April 26-27 to present to students, professors, congressional staff, and others. Before… Read More

Former NRG Members: Where are they now?

Shangradhanva Eswara Vasisth   Left group in 2021 when he passed his Ph.D. defense: “Resistive Switching in Core-Shell Nanowires for Applications in Neuromorphic Architectures” and graduated with a doctorate in Materials Science and Engineering. He is now a Process Engineer for… Read More

Congratulations Jadie!

On graduating summa cum laude with a Bachelor in Chemical Engineering. Dissertation Title: Applying Graph Theory on Mouse Connectomes to Differentiate Between Healthy and Diseased Brains

Congratulations Dr. Hiraku Maruyama!

On successfully defending your Ph.D. dissertation. Dissertation Title: Non-Conventional Processing of Cerium Oxide Based Ceramics: Microstructural and Electrical Characterization